The Green Side Up Show Features

Our Mission

We want to help you enjoy your day, take a different angle from outside the bubble of the negative, dooms day, sheep herding media.

Great Apps Play

The Green Side Up Show makes it EASY for you to find our show and listen on whatever device you want... No Apple/Android/Windows battles here.

Unlimited Playtime

With the way we have formatted the show, you can listen to the whole enchilada or only waste a few min. with your favorite segments.

Find Your Target

Share your favorite topics to help us shape the show with what you want to listen to. Please subscribe, rate, review & comment on the show.

Auto Notifications

If your subscribed, you can get the show downloaded automatically and receive notifications that it is ready to play upon release.

On Your Coffee Break

We don't want to waste your time. Our show is designed to be listened to in the car on your commute, at the gym, or on your break at work!

How It Works

Our show is to designed for the person who is looking for an "Outside The Box" view on movies, outdoor gear, sports & life topics. If you can check that off the list, then you're in!


How To Find Us

The easiest way to listen is to find us on Soundcloud and that way it won't matter what kind of device you have. Follow us @greenshideupshow on all the social networks... Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat & more.


How To Listen

Listening is easy once you have found us... simply use your apple or android podcast platform, the embedded social player or listen directly online from our Soundcloud profile. It's that easy!


How To Share

Simply follow us @greensideupshow on social media and share our episodes with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, enemies, club members or whoever else. We just want you to SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW!


Join Our Community

Our vision is that The Green Side Up Show can grow into a community where we can share values, views, tips, stories, adventures, sports & experiences together with pure enjoyment and tolerance.

How It Works